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Powder coating and wet painting

The company has a line for powder coating. The construction of the assembly line and chambers for preparation, painting and drying allows the production of parts with maximum drier size 1300/ 1800 /5000mm. All products are first degreased and cleaned from mineral salts and other impurities in chambers for pre-treatment in three phases: degreasing, phosphating and washing with industrial water to complete the cleaning process. The pre-treatment process both cleans and improves bonding of the powder to the metal. The object is then dried, sprayed with electrostatic coating, heated in a powder coating oven to melt the powder in a uniform film and then cooled to form a hard coating.

We also make wet painting.

Traktor Ltd. offers a full assortment of production finishes satisfying a wide range of variables regarding to application, curing, finish durability, appearance, environmental requirements, "green" sustainability initiatives and cost.