About us

Tractor OOD is located in the industrial zone of Pleven, city in the northwestern part of Bulgaria. Location within the industrial zone brings many benefits, because of other factories (Steel factory and Aluminum casting plant) situated in a very close distance, which allows for broad-spectrum of service offering.

Tractor Ltd is situated on 62 000 m2 and has build-up area of 18 000 m2. Main production is done in three machine building workshops.

Two of the machine building workshops were fully renovated and comply with standards of energy-efficient buildings. The first machine building workshop has a build-up area of 2592 m2 and the second has a build-up area of 1080 m2. The third workshop, which is the largest is partially renovated for the laser cutting and bending operations and has a build-up area of 9 000 m2. In addition, there is a preparation area and two painting areas – one for wet painting and the other for powder coating.

The company is supplied with electric power 380 volts and installed power of 1000 KW. There is a central gas supply, which we use for production processes and as a heating for our machine building workshops, administration building and other areas.

The company currently has 52 full-time employees with high level of qualification.

We use partner companies to provide full access of different kind of coatings. We are constantly using high quality zinc and liquid galvanization.

Production capacity is currently 3 to 6 thousand details and assemblies per month (20 to 40 tons of production, middle class complexity, the details weights between 0.1 to 100 kg.). 

Traktor Ltd. has a successful longstanding history working with German companies. In 2017 we cele-brated our 30year anniversary working with a global leader in production of agricultural machinery CLAAS GmbH – Germany.