Laser cutting

Surface cleaning of metal

Punching & Drilling & Grinding & Press



Milling and turning

Powder coating and wet painting

Quality control and standards

Milling and turning

The new CNC milling and turning machines give us a possibility to produce complex details with excellent quality. The company possess universal milling and turning machines, which are used for production of details with small series, repair of instruments, producing of single pieces.

LATTE Section is equipped with twenty lathes –processing up to 2.5m details, up to 1.5 tons blanks and up to 600 mm diameters. Two of them are with longer parallels, which allows to process longer(4м) details. Two of the lathes are with improved accuracy and are used for complicated details and for unique equipment.

The list of lathes is covered mainly by models C-13, C11MT, CYT-582 and C1M63. For this lathes we usually use Sandwik’s sub equipment, Shell’s lubricants and Wurth’s coolants. We use the same articles for all mechanical sections – milling, drilling and grinding.

The MILLING MACHINE sector is equipped with twelve milling cutters, which could process up to 1.4 m details. The group includes general purpose mills, which are used for flat milling, grooves, profiles and frames. We can process in all three planes. One of the milling machines has an improved capacities and it has a larger table size, a wider range of additional gadgets and an extended range of speed and feeds. This section also includes a specialized cutter and a cutter for internal channels.