Laser cutting

Surface cleaning of metal

Punching & Drilling & Grinding & Press



Milling and turning

Powder coating and wet painting

Quality control and standards

Punching & Drilling & Grinding & Press

DRILLING SECTION - ten drilling machines, three of them are large radial drills. The rest are normal drills for drilling, making fasteners and threading.

GRINDING SECTION - has two large flat grinders (they could grind up to 1.2 m plates), two round grinders, one centerless grinder and a wide spectrum grinder with expanded functions.

PRESS SECTION - includes four eccentric presses (two 63 tons and two 20 tons) and four hydraulic presses (two 100 tons and two 40 tons). They can use a large set of templates and matrices. There is also a small hydraulic press for corrections, straightening of parts and for bending of bearings.

BLANKS - Cutting the blanks with two large cutters (3 m long and 10 mm thick), one middle sized cutter (up to 4mm think blanks), five tapered cutters (one of them uses long closed strip). Additionally, we have a few abrasive cutters for small size sticks and profiles.