Laser cutting

Surface cleaning of metal

Punching & Drilling & Grinding & Press



Milling and turning

Powder coating and wet painting

Quality control and standards


We have eight fully equipped welding working places. Each one is supplied with a modern welding machine – from 6 up to 320 Amperes, from 2 to 500 Amperes. Two of these devices are CNC and the other six welding devices have only an electronic control.

For main production processes we use arc welding with a mixture of gases (argon+ 20% carbon dioxide). We rarely use CO2 only, but often use pure argon arc welding. All MIG/MAG and TIG processes are possible. One spot welding machine is available too. Our welding machines are DAIHEN. We do welding of steel details and tube constructions. We offer spot welding and robotic welding.
We weld ferrous metal and stainless steel. After welding we make cleaning of welding and painting (powder and wet).